With the firm conviction to continue offering you the best quality service while you stay in Mexico City, Stanza Hotel has redoubled its efforts to meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene at our facilities. Committed to the care of and safety of our staff, as well as all of our guests, we have implemented all new guidelines dictated by the Secretary of Health and Labor as well as the protocols of the Hotel Association of Mexico and the World Health Organization.

Today we have new biosecurity and hygiene measures:

  • Safety filter at each entrance.
  • All of our staff will welcome you with face shields, gloves, and masks for added protection.
  • Remote temperature reading of our staff, suppliers, visitors, and guests at the entrance to the Hotel.
  • Brief survey and registration at the front desk.
  • Front desk protected with acrylic shields.
  • Healthy distance signage.
  • Automatic antibacterial gel dispensers at our lobby and outside each elevator.
  • Constant sanitization of all facilities with certified products.
  • Mandatory use of mouth covers within the premises.
  • Trained, equipped, and protected personnel carrying out their activities respecting the healthy distance.
  • Continuous cleaning and sanitization of elevators, counters, and public areas.
  • Strict maintenance of social distance, both in public areas and at our restaurant.
  • At our restaurant, Maíz & Olivo, we have the Distinctive H, Hygiene Certification of food and beverage.
  • Compliance with official health and safety standards.
  • Regular training for our employees, who will answer your questions and concerns at all times.
  • Booking and cancellation clauses. We have relaxed our booking and cancellation clauses. All reservations may be modified or canceled at any time without penalty charges. We are not applying no show nor non-arrival charges. *Cancellation policies effective until August 30, 2020.

Our Stanza Family is doing everything possible to protect you, as we commit to the guidelines and prepare for your arrival so that when you decide to join us we can once more earn your confidence and respect and make you feel at home. Our staff is demonstrating a spirit of total support to the security and prevention measures.

At Stanza Hotel we are ready and excited to welcome you, striving to provide you with the best service, and the warm hospitality that characterizes us.

We welcome you back to Stanza Hotel!

Kind regards,
General Director Stanza Hotel

PS. We are working hard to implement all the new protocols, please view our video with all the new things we are doing to protect you and yours.