How to recognize a safe hotel during COVID?

With the orange traffic light on (government’s safety announcement) and the return to the ‘New Normality’, activities in multiple sectors are beginning. Among them, the hotel industry. As we all know, under the necessary hygiene measures, and following international and national protocols, it is possible to travel safely, eat at a reliable restaurant, also stay at a hotel with all the comforts while taking care of your health.
In addition to the measures recommended by international organizations, in CDMX the local government, in accordance with the Mexico City Hotel Association, has developed a manual for hygienic prevention in Covid-19 times. This document, allow us to understand and observe the good or poor actions the establishments are taking to prevent COVID- 19.
Here are some basics points we extracted from the document that can help you choose a hotel following these recommendations:
It is important that you find disinfectant mats at the entrance.
Temperature intake with a non-contact thermometer is required in order to perform the appropriate tests in case symptomatology appears compatible with Covid-19.
At the reception, there must be at least 1 and a half meters between each person.
Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers should be available at the entrance and front desk and area.
The establishment encourages credit card or other electronic payment and disinfects the POS after each use when there is contact.
If cards or keys are used, they must be disinfected before and after use by guests.
Signalization or advertisements (maybe on screens) with the preventive measures and the guidelines to follow by customers is a must.
Bellboys will NOT be allowed in the elevator with guests, and if possible, will power the floor so that guests do not have contact with the elevator´s buttons.
Baggage Delivery: Bellboys will take a different elevator ride. Once he reaches the room, he will not knock at the door, he will only notify you of your luggage arrival and leave the bags at the door after disinfecting the handles. He will not access the room.
Tips: It is recommended to handle cash tips in some type of container (envelope or plastic bags).
It is recommended that the room be unoccupied at least one day prior to your occupancy.
Check for clean linens such as sheets, towels, etc. Carpets and air conditioning filters should also be disinfected.
All public areas must have limited access allowing a healthy distance of one and a half meters.
We have provided a special guideline for you to consider when a restaurant is safe. Please follow this link: WHAT TO LOOK FOR TO KNOW THAT A RESTAURANT IS S COVID-19 SAFE TODAY?
Finally, remember that health is a shared task, do your part, and let’s get back to the new normality!
If you have more questions and would like to know how we at Stanza Hotel are taking to take care of you please visit our COVID-19 UPDATE page and watch our Video:
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