Stanza, among the best rated hotels in the Roma neighborhood


Without a doubt, the best publicity is that which comes first hand.
Since the internet, this phenomenon, ‘first hand´, has had more exposure than ever before.
Digital travel agencies are a great ally when searching for
the best options for your travel accommodations since many of the recommendations
are exposed according to the guests.

Platforms such as Expedia, Tripadvisor, Booking, even Google advertise
millions of hotels and other travel services and are continually rated by users
around the world. Stanza Hotel, with 50 years’ experience, a family tradition in
service and hospitality that comes from its founding members
since its European origins, has been ranked as one of the best lodging options
in CDMX. Stanza Hotel has become best rated in the Colonia Roma neighborhood
and today it continues to be among the best positioned in the field.

In Expedia, for example, the online travel agency, based in 31Countries,
during the month of September, Stanza Hotel had more than 1,200 reviews and occupies
the 32nd position of hotels recommended by this platform among all hotels in
CDMX. Its rating is ‘very good’ and it is among the top10 choice of
best-rated hotels in the Colonia Roma neighborhood.

According to Booking, one of the largest travel platforms in the world,
Hotel Stanza ranks as ‘fabulous’ and appears in 3rd place in the search
for hotels in the Colonia Roma neighborhood. On Trip Advisor, Hotel Stanza´s rating is
“very good” and more than 70% of the comments
places it between ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’.

Google, although it is not a digital travel agency, it is a useful search tool
where users tend to rate various businesses frequently. Here, Hotel Stanza has a
rating of 4.5 out of 5, with more than 1,400 reviews with 60% of them ranking
‘excellent’, and 31% of ‘very good’.

Although advertising can be misleading, with the guests’ comments you can pick your best option.
CDMX is such a huge city, the lodging options are many.
The information on the digital platforms places
Hotel Stanza is one of the best hotels in DF. Without a doubt and
recommended by our guest, it is the best lodging options
in the Roma – Condesa neighborhood as well as the Reforma area.
Learn more about this hotel and book here.

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