Safety tips for upcoming Mexican Independence Day celebrations


It has been long months and of great reflection, however, it is important to take steps to return to the ‘new’ normality. That is, safely, resume our lives responsibly, in other words, MOVE ON PROTECTED, this can be done even to celebrate our country’s national holiday.

Mexico recently announced that there will be ‘Grito de Independencia’ (Independence Day Celebration) of course, these festivities will take place with extraordinary measures to avoid crowds. It is possible to celebrate if done responsibly. In addition, it is also a way to restore the economy and resume our lives with the appropriate safety measures.

How to do this? First of all, updating your information and caring for ourselves and others during our travels. We offer you a guide with the basic safety information to follow this September 15 and 16 and celebrate safely. Yes, you can! it’s a matter of getting it right.

First your hygiene kit (prepare it and take it with you at all time)

Always carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you and use it on your hand frequently (especially when handling cash, for example); also sanitize your cell phone and other everyday use objects, such as eyeglasses, keys, etc. Always wear your mask in public places.

Plan travel arrangements ahead! Look for places that meet health standards

If you’re going out to a restaurant or bar, check they comply with safety regulations. In case of restaurants, security measures they must meet can be found ‘here’.

If you are traveling check that the hotel complies with health measures

Know when a hotel is complying with COVID-19 safety standards, our article on this subject can be found ´here´. Among them, are sanitization of hands and luggage upon arrival by the staff, sanitized elevator with limited occupancy and without you having to press the buttons, sanitization and vacancy of your room at least 48 hours preceding your arrival, etc. (these measures are only taken by some hotels, such as Stanza Hotel).

Avoid crowds and poor-ventilated places

Remember that restaurants, bars, and hotels are only allowed 30% occupancy. Avoid crowded places. Try to move around at non-rush hours (especially if you must use public transport).

Only drink from your glass and don’t use someone else’s

Sometimes, with the excitement, we drink from other glasses. It is very important that, at the present time, you avoid contact with utensils, drinks, and food of others, including snacks. Eat snacks only in individual servings.

Keep social distance

Always keep in mind the social distance (One or two meters away from each other). Doing this is a matter of responsibility. It is a must! like a chip that you can no longer take off, at least not for the time being.

Adopts respiratory hygiene measures

Remember that when coughing or sneezing you must cover your mouth and nose with your elbow bent or with a tissue; throw away the tissue immediately and wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, or soap, and water. More than ever avoid contact with eyes, nose, etc.

Enjoy in a responsible way!

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