16 steps to travel safely during Covid-19 times


The new normality implies that, finally, we are going back to our lives; psychically, professionally, and socially. This return, however, must be done in a responsible and shared way: among the businesses who offer the services, by also by each and every one of our visitors. We are all in this together.

Traveling, in this sense, is a necessary activity that has to be done with pertinent measures so that it is safe for everyone, promoting the health care of the traveler, but also of those who already reside in the place we visit.

At Stanza Hotel we have incorporated all the protocols and the recommendations issued by organizations such as the World Health Organization, Secretary of Health, Secretary of Labor, as well as the head of the Traveler’s Clinic of UNAM, chaired by Jorge Baruch and the Association of Hotels, so that the new normality is more secure.

Here are some of our recommendations:

During the journeys (plane, taxis, ubers, etc):

  • Take with you a small portable antibacterial gel so that you always have it with you. Also, make sure to always carry your cloth mouthpiece with you, and preferably a ziplock bag in case you need to take it off to eat.
  • In the waiting lines, wear your mask. Keep the safe distance from the people present and avoid touching any surface.
  • Take wet towels with you and disinfect (adding antibacterial) the surface of the arms of the chairs in the waiting room, for example.
  • On the plane, it is best to choose the window, as it is further from the hallway traffic to the bathroom.
  • When you get to your seat, clean the surfaces with your damp towels and antibacterial gel.
  • If you sneeze or cough, do it on your forearm at the elbow.
  • Once you get past the safety checkpoints, use antibacterial gel on your hands, and always avoid touching your face.
  • In the taxi avoid touching surfaces and stand near the window.

During your stay:

  • Before you stay, do some research to find out if the place you are going to stay at is complying with serious and pertinent measures to ensure the health of its visitors.
  • When you get to the room, leave your shoes at the entrance, and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Travelers are encouraged to consume well-cooked food and to avoid raw, sealed, or raw medium cooking terms.
  • Drinking water, rather than alcoholic beverages or caffeine, helps maintain defenses against potential germs.
  • And finally, remember that caution is the first ally of your health, always.

At Stanza Hotel we care about your health and safety. We have new biosecurity, prevention, and sanitation measures in all areas of the hotel, maintaining the highest hygiene standards. If you would like to read more information about our new measures please visit: Stanza Hotel in response to the Pandemic

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