How to recognize a safe restaurant during COVID?

True, the arrival of COVID-19 has meant a turning point in our life, in many ways. But life must continue, even with the challenges involving this pandemic, and to do so we must adapt with courage and determination to reactivate us, with joy and intelligence, and take the least possible risks, keeping the healthy distance, and taking all measures within reach.
Therefore, since the return to the ‘new normal’, following the arrival of the COVID-19, both service providers and customers have been taking precautionary measures in the way we relate to the environment.
Restarting normality, as the official phrase ‘new normality’ states, requires new ways of engaging with the outside world.  Everyone must take security measures; also, each person must ensure that they have access to services that meet the prevention measures required by the authorities.
Restaurants in the City, in addition to the recommendations of international entities such as the World Health Organization, are following protocols such as the Prevention COVID-19 ‘Safe Table’ of CANIRAC (National Chamber of the Restaurant and Food Industry), which are based on official, national and international recommendations.
Reviewing this protocol, we extracted some security measures that are visible to you as a customer. You can easily look for these features to make sure that a restaurant is hygienic and safe in these times of COVID-19:
•  The business promotes the online booking system.
• You are greeted with a sanitizing mat with sodium hypochlorite, or with products registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified to remove SARS-CoV-2.
• You will be welcome with disinfectant gel at the entrance.
•  Absolutely all the staff wear head covers, and preferably, mask.
The tables are separated at least one and a half meters from each other and no more than 10 customers per sittings.
• The table is set at the customer’s view; tables should be cleared of all elements before the customer arrives.
• Menus should be offered with the least physical contact, through digital, disposable, blackboards or QR menus.
• Limited contact between employees and customers is encouraged by the use of electronic payments.
• All seasonings such as salt, dressings, etc., should be served on the spot and only in individual portions.
• If there is a buffet, it must have an anti-sneezing cover and only a staff member will serve the costumers. All Staff must be wearing face masks and head cover, as well as disposable gloves to be changed every 4 hours.
• If there is a bar, costumers must be at least separated one meter and a half from each other.
• The establishment must have disinfectant products at strategic points, such as counters, bathrooms, vanities, etc.
In addition to these basic recommendations, remember prevention is a shared responsibility! If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, avoid going out to and get tested as soon as possible.
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