10 reasons why staying at Stanza Hotel during Covid-19 is safe


Trades are noble because they cannot be forced and are only achieved with effort. The trade of Hotel Stanza is service. With a tradition and history of 50 years, Stanza is located in the district considered the ‘heart’ of the city, the Colonia Roma.

The ‘Stanza family’ has lived through joyful and other regrettable events. But its mission and its community have always come first. In these times of pandemic, as in all the moments of distress, we offer our best to ensure the health of our staff, guests, and of residents of our city.

Recommendations from international agencies, national, federal, and local authorities have been adopted as part of the Stanza security protocols. In addition, all of our staff are constantly updated and trained on the new official requirements.

Stanza, with its long tradition and experience, combined with an exceptional responsible attitude towards its guests, offers multiple filters and cleaning procedures that will make your stay at our premises safe and comfortable. Manager, Luis Hernandez, shares his views on why our service is 100% safe at this time of Covid-19:


• Only certified products are used to disinfect surfaces, furniture, and objects.
All staff wear protective equipment such as gloves, headcovers, and masks.
• Upon arrival, luggage is disinfected with a solution of ammonium quaternary salts, shoes are disinfected with a sodium hypochlorite solution and antibacterial gel is applied to your hands.
• Key cards are sanitized then handed to guests, as is the pen for registration.
• Two guests maximum are allowed inside the elevators, in the case of unfamiliar, and 4 guests, if traveling in a group. Elevator buttons are constantly sanitized.
• Rooms will stay vacant 48 hours prior to your arrival. This will allow ventilation, cleaning surfaces, sanitizing carpets, and change of linens.
• The air conditioning filter is also sanitized.
• Our restaurant, Maiz y Olivo, complies with all Covid-19 protocols, ‘Safe Table’ in accordance with The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Food Industry (which includes measures of healthy distancing and hygiene in the establishments). We hold the “Distintivo H” (Hygiene Food Management Program) a recognition granted by federal authorities that fully complying with NMX-F605 NORMEX 2015.

In addition, in Hernandez’s words, “All of our staff is constantly training and updating in the recommendations of safety and protection, thus contributing to preserving health in Mexico and the world.”

Welcome to Stanza Hotel, we are pleased to serve you!

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